Field Trip Pack Walks

Do you wish that your dog greeted other dogs more calmly, was less leash reactive and more social with other dogs in general? Let our trained professionals help! We offer controlled and structured Socialization Walks to help your dog become the social butterflies you know they are deep down.

Our Buddy Walks offer structured socialization, exercise and fun for your pup and other dogs in your neighborhood or building! Our pack walks are GPS tracked on our app so that you can see just how far your dog and their friend got!

Socialization Walks

Lets face it, your dog gets tired of the same scenery too! Our Field Trip Pack Walks get your dog out of the city scape and into some fresh air! These walks are typically 3 plus miles and offer structured socialization and lots of exercise! Field Trips are GPS tracked on our app and all dogs wear their dog seat belts!

Private Walks

Buddy Walks

We understand that not all dogs enjoy the company of other dogs. Whether a dog is leash reactive, simply not social or even dog aggressive, we have the walker with the right training for your dog. Our private walks are GPS tracked on our app and our walkers pride themselves on good long walks, because structured exercise is the key.